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Prime Colors-AX

Color Your World Just the Way You Like It

Product Description

Prime Colors-AX sealants are a unique line of  pigmented, neutral-curing, multiple-use runnable sealants available in 500+ RAL colors. These elastic, single-component, acetoxy-based sealants are ideal for sealing joints with a maximum movement capacity of 25 percent and comply with the requirements of ISO 1160. They are an ideal choice for sealing and connecting joints in the sanitary, glass, window and metal construction applications.

You now have the option of matching the paint colors of your choice with a high-quality sealant at surprisingly affordable prices and in modest quantities. Go where your imagination leads you. The days of plain vanilla sealants are officially over.

Add color to your home or work environment with Prime Colors-AX sealants. When working with concrete surfaces, add still more color to your environment with Prime Gemstone reactive stains for indoor and outdoor use and Prime Gourmet cementitious dyes for indoor use. Like all products from Prime Sealants, Prime Colors-AX pigmented silicone sealants are "Best-in-Class Problem Solvers."

Welcome to the colorful world of Prime Colors-AX pigmented silicone Sealants.

Is there such a thing as "too many colors to choose from?" We don't think so, not when you have Prime Colors-AX pigmented silicone sealants available.


  • Especially stiff body for optimized tooling properties
  • Highly elastic
  • Weather-resistant
  • Aging-resistant
  • Good UV resistance
  • Compatible with paints
  • Excellent adhesion on glass, glazed surfaces (such as enamel and tiles) and anodized aluminum
  • Available in over 500 RAL colors


“Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this? no. Just as one can never learn how to paint.”

­—Pablo Picasso


Go bold with colors with Prime Colors-AX

Where To Use

  • Sealing joints and connecting joints in glass, window and metal construction.
  • Sealing joints and connecting joints in the sanitary sector.
  • Sealing joints and connecting joints in various other construction applications.
  • Not suitable for use with plastics.
  • In underwater applications, especially accurate tooling is required, involving preparation of the substrate and, often, the use of a primer.
  • Underwater joints must be checked in regular time intervals and may need to be reworked as necessary.
  • Not suitable for use in aquarium construction, or on marble or natural stone.
  • Not suitable as a mirror adhesive.
  • Must not be used in areas that come into direct contact with food.

Combine Prime Colors-AX sealants with Prime Gemstone Reactive Stains & Prime Gourmet Cementitious Dyes to create thousands of unique color combinations.

Choose from 500+ RAL colors

CAUTION: Read all instructions, warnings and limited liability on all product labels, Technical Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets before using any Prime Sealants product.

Product Number: 2001.1100
Colors: 500 RAL Colors
Harmonized Code: 3214.10.90

Download a Product Information Sheet (PIS), Technical Data Sheet (TDS), Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Warranty, Colors Booklet or Company Booklet in PDF format by clicking on the appropriate icon below.

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