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Prime Plug-It

A high performance, all-purpose patch material suitable for a wide range of repairs of structural concrete

Product Description

Prime Plug-It is a high performance, all-purpose patch material engineered for use in concrete repairs such as structural patches, concrete pipes, pre-cast concrete, and most vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces. Prime Plug-It is designed to be used either by itself or together with other Prime Sealants products such as Prime Adhere & Prime Lock as part of a comprehensive negative side repair system.

Prime Plug-It is fast-setting, requiring only 5 to 10 minutes initial set time and only 15 to 20 minutes final set time in accordance with ASTM C-191. Prime Plug-It is also easy to apply, and delivers 6,000+ psi of compressive strength after 28 days according to ASTM C109. Likewise, Prime Plug-It delivers 1,360 psi of flectural strength after 28 days, according to ASTM C348. Finally, Prime Plug-It is environmentally-friendly.

You can use Prime Plug-It with new and old concrete, with architectural concrete, on vertical concrete surfaces and concrete columns, inside tunnels and parking garages, and on below-grade concrete structures.

Say you have a leak in a concrete surface where you can see water coming in. It might be a below-grade vertical wall, or the sides or roof of a tunnel, or something else. In any case, you need a product that acts quickly to immediately stop the water from coming in. In situations like these, Prime Plug-It FS is your obvious choice. Prime Plug-It FS is a high-performance repair product specifically engineered to stop water leaks and plug various types of breaches. Prime Plug-It FS is easily mixed on site and sets up in minutes with a 7,000+ psi compressive strength.

Perhaps your problem consists of old, failing concrete. What you need is a fast fix that will be strong and last a long time. In this case, Prime Plug-It may be your best answer. Prime Plug-It is a high performance, all-purpose patch product engineered for use in repairing a wide variety of concrete problems such as concrete pipes, precast concrete panels, vertical and overhead concrete surfaces, concrete columns and more. Prime Plug-It is also easily mixed on site and sets up in minutes with a 6,000+ psi compressive strength.

Prime Plug-It works flawlessly with other products from Prime Sealants such as our sticks-through-water-and-oil-to-everything sealant Prime Adhere and our premium, high-performance hardener / densifies / protectant treatment Prime Lock. Sometimes you need an integrated system of products to do the job right. If that’s the case with you, consult with the specialists at Prime Sealants to determine what else you might need to solve your problem.

Prime Plug-It is available in 50 lb. (22.7 kilo) pails.



Use Prime Plug-It to patch steps and walkways.

Use Prime Plug-It to patch over exposed concrete blocks.


  • Fast-setting (5 to 10 minutes initial set time; 15 to 20 minutes final set time [ASTM C-191])
  • Easy to apply
  • 6,000+ psi compressive strength after 28 days [ASTM C109
  • 1,360 psi flectural strength after 28 days [ASTM C348]
  • Environmentally-friendly


Where To Use

  • New & old concrete
  • Architectural concrete
  • Vertical concrete surfaces
  • Concrete columns
  • Tunnels
  • Parking garages
  • Below-grade concrete structures

Use Prime Plug-It to patch cracks in concrete.


Product Number: 1006.0100

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